Vineclimber climbs a vine.


Larn kicks Vineclimber out of the tree to his death.


Vineclimber kills Herman in Larn's village.

Vineclimber was an Icepeak soldier who attacked Larn's village following its destruction. He killed Herman as he attempted to resist capture by impaling him on a spear. He later pursued Larn into a massive tree and began to climb a vine. He then threw the same spear he had used to kill the villager at Larn, but missed. Larn neared the top of the tree and crawled out onto a long branch. Vineclimber continued to ascend the vine on which he was hanging and found himself at Larn's feet, having climbed to the same branch as him. Larn then kicked Vineclimber in the face and he fell from the tree to his death, so avenging the villagers he had killed in Larn's village.

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